neděle 20. května 2018

School's cool

Who ever understands the main principle of schooling? During their studies? While preparing for their school-leaving examinations? Too late with a sigh or a cry? The sooner teen students understand what it means to be able to attend a school, the luckier they are.

Your school is coeducational because there are boys and girls to make friends with, it is multicultural because there are different table manners to observe, it is fashion-free because there are no rules about the style of socks, it is generational because there are passionate teachers to give their life experience to you, and it is multicourse because you never know where a course in Plato’s philosophy or tractor-driving takes you in life. Just go through with it!

Make your school cool if it is not. Ask not what your school can do for you, ask what you can do for your school (JFK 1961, paraphrased).

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