neděle 19. června 2016

To pay tribute

With my greatest respect and admiration, I would like to pay tribute to my grandfather's 95-year-long life and work. 

Imagine an extremely fair and active person, a keen long-term lead organiser of sports events in town and a head of sports communities, a through and through life optimist enjoying the supportive background of a loving wife, children, numerous grandchildren and countless friends for life, a respectful gardener spreading his secrets and life experience, a popular business manager at an international company, a highly gifted lifelong German translator and interpreter, a money-making machine and a careful investor, an excellent and never tired company to others, etc.

I am very proud of resembling him in many positive and negative ways and of going in his footsteps. He was a grand kind of a grandfather.

His funeral announcement quotes a poem:
When I die
nothing in the world happens
or changes
only a few hearts shake
like flowers in the night dew


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