neděle 2. října 2016

Talk, talk, talk

Meetings, briefings, dealings - people love to talk. But is it the quantity or quality we would like to hear?

Strangers or friends, some people start off with a small talk but once they break the ice you can drown in their words. Do you know someone talkative? Someone who talks nineteen to the dozen? Someone who almost talks your ear off? Someone who has just covered a topic and then goes on about it again and again and again?

If you are unlucky, your superiors may be driven by the thrill of positions and power and just enjoy their talking time. Even though they go beating about the bush, talk around the point or miss it altogether, you are expected not to talk back. At least, you can talk to yourself or talk under your breath. It seems today that everyone can talk into anything - the last person in a company often talks shop all the time and knows what strategic decisions to make.

Neighbours are a very special case and they are not rare either. Some of them seldom talk straight, they know how to talk their way out of something or talk rubbish. Others help you when they talk you through your projects and never talk gossip. But they all talk until the cows come home and when you tell them you are in a hurry, it is like talking to a brick wall.

Would you agree that women are faster talkers and better listeners than men? When women talk, do they cooperate, show concern and try to establish empathy? Do they explore all aspects of a topic and listen to all comments and feelings? Do they interrupt others and ask many questions to understand the situation? And men's talking, is it more competitive and focused on practical information? Do they debate to fix things and to give advice? Do they interrupt others and try to raise their status and to establish dominance? And do they often resolve things easily without asking many questions before?

To talk or not to talk? That is the question. Talking is just one way of communication. But sometimes words are not enough and sometimes they are not even necessary. Sometimes silence talks more and sometimes listening works better.

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