pátek 7. července 2017

Let writing flourish!

Only if you like, these seven special summer writing assignments will turn you into a confident English writer. If not, it is definitely a challenge worth trying. Demonstrate your control of grammar structures, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation in a variety of simple tasks. Insert them all here in any length, any order, fictional or true, anonymously or nick-named. If you find time for writing, I will find time for correcting and will send you my feedback.

Assignment 1
A letter to a friend
Write a positive letter to someone close in the informal style where anything is possible. The only task is to include a question for a favour.

Assignment 2
Once upon a time ... and they lived happily ever after.
Create a happy-ending fairy tale with supernatural heroes and love that found the way. 

Assignment 3
A guide speech
Write the words someone would use to present something - a place, a thing or a person - to someone who does not know anything about them. Be a kind and patient guide and presenter. 

Assignment 4
Open choice
You are free to write anything that comes to your mind - any form, and genre, including a suitable heading.

Assignment 5
My favourite recipe
Share a recipe for your favourite dish - any meal of the day, any course, and say why it is special to you.

Assignment 6
Learning styles
What is your personal language learning style? Or in a more general sense, what are your strategies to learn anything new?

Assignment 7
Strange but true
Invent a fictional story or tell a true one to astonish readers. This is about something that did happen but seems strange, uncommon, or incomprehensible.

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