neděle 24. září 2017

Overwhelming but I like(d) it!

Twenty-three years ago, I started the engine in me. As long as it is running, I doubt I will cease. Now in my early-forties and far away from my alma mater, I changed and began to see things in a different way. I'm learning to relax.

I remember
eating bad food,
drinking good beer,
buying second hand everything,
talking to the homeless,
partying with strangers,
having haircuts and outfits now funny in photos,
reading in record time,
always learning, always exploring,
keeping weary lucky charms in pockets,
helping each other day and night inside and outside school,
keeping the pace,
planning priorities,
working hard, playing hard,
driven by manifold sorts of motivation,
looking up to model teachers around,
keeping academic routines from then on.

There is something special about the university life in all its aspects. It is a time worth going back to in memories. Back in those days, we did not share it online, we lived it.

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