sobota 23. března 2024

Dear Elton,

hoping this letter wins the lottery and ends before your eyes, I am enjoying every single word of it. I am writing primarily in request of delivering your eyewear to the Czech Republic but there is so much more I want to squeeze in.

Rock of the Westies is my birthyear but I think I first felt Eltonised as a teenager when I started to explore English, your natural music talents, and your truly royal attitude. Today I sing your songs with my English students and my wife amazes herself while the notes of Elton John for Singers are emerging from her piano.

I could not wait to see Rocketman but even more exciting were the lines of Me, Elton John where I fell in love with the story about you saving the Vic and had to materialise the joy multiple times with the Watford club merch including a personalised home kit for my son.

But the closest I got to you was on a grand day out in Zurich on 1 July 2023. You might have spotted me wearing younger you kneeling and touching the Watford ball and proudly bespectacled with the most Elton-like pair I could find - the sunglasses that came free with a women's fashion magazine years ago. I was moved seeing you leaving the star room from behind the stage and goodbyeing through the wall.

In fact, my heart stopped when I had got the tickets for Christmas. Mannheim was cancelled but I kept calm and fingers crossed for your health and bought new ones to Zurich. Unfortunately, they did not let us in saying our tickets came from a fake website. Fortunately, we bought the seats that were waiting for us there. Then we enjoyed all your world-famous tones, your lovely gestures, which I enjoyed copying the whole next day, and your warm smiles.

Anyway, I was wondering if you could find a way how to deliver your eyewear to the Czech Republic, I mean just a few pairs to wear and a few to spare. Or to set up a Czech version of your e-shop I would be most proud to run.

Thank you very much indeed.

Best wishes,

sobota 2. března 2024

Tátovi na ledničku

Objednávám pohodový čas v bazénu s volnou plaveckou dráhou, páru a vířivku, kdykoli je budu chtít využít, a po plavání dvě lahvová piva a stůl v bufetu, děkuji. A takhle úplně se vším.

Všechno je možné a uskutečnitelné.
Mám zdravé, silné, pružné tělo a všechny moje buňky rychle regenerují.
Každý den v každém směru se mi daří lépe a lépe.